• Milk Cooling Tanks

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Pre Cooling / Tube in Tube

  • Pasteurizer's / Mixing Tanks

About us

Margo company was founded in 1997. Initially the main activity profile was the sale of used milk coolers after its renovation. Both growing demand for milk coolers and gained experience in the industry made company produce machinery for dairies under own Margo brand beginning 2002.

Margo has been developing its stainless steel production department over the years. It began to produce helical coil heat exchangers made of stainless steel with the tube resistance up to 160 bars assuming 40 bars of operating pressure. The high quality of the heat recovery was appreciated at the „Cattle Farm Fair” in Poznań 2011 where Margo won the Gold Medal.

Margo has its headquarters and production facility in Ostrołęka – northeast Poland famous for milk production. We operate mainly in the Polish market expanding its activities to other European countries. The company currently deals with the sale of new and used milk coolers and their service and renovation. We also manufacture:

  • tube in tube pre-coolers
  • helical coil heat exchangers
  • tanks
  • mixers and pasteurizers

used in various food and beverage processing applications. We specialise in stainless steel production – grades 304 or 316 depending on customers needs and requirements.

Margo - Siedziba FirmyModern machine park and many years of experience in the field of metalworking allow us to realize even most demanding expectations of our customers. Margo’s products are of the highest quality demonstrated by the overall satisfaction of our clients. By receiving and investing funds from the EU our company has bought top of the line modern machinery. Our products are almost completely welded by machine (without using human hands), which translates into reliability.

Margo’s products have been awarded a Hygienic Certificate of the Polish National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene.