Service for milk cooling tanks


Margo offers its customers warranty and post warranty service for  milk cooling tanks along with access to the client. We repair milk cooling tanks of different models and manufacturers of both open and closed type.

Decades of experience and qualified technicians ensure the efficient repair of a milk tank. Our company also repairs  evaporators in milk tanks and has a large stock of spare parts.

Continuous expansion of knowledge of our technicians in the repair and maintenance of thermostats  and washing control units   contributed to gathering a large amount of instruction manuals for various types of control units.





Our company has instruction manuals for the following types of coolers:

  • Alima Bis with controller SLS1
  • Alima Bis with controller SLS3
  • Alima Bis with controller G-31
  • Alfa-Laval type RFT with controller TE 82
  • Alfa-Laval type RFT with controller TE 92
  • Alfa-Laval type CH i HCA with controller TWA 1000RB
  • Dari-Kool type DX-FF/ Delta T
  • De Laval type DX with controller MTR-30/5
  • De Laval type DX with controller MTR-50
  • De Laval type DX bulk type english version
  • De Laval type DX with controller T100/T200 english version
  • De Laval DXC (R,E, EM)s3
  • Eurotanks type RFT with controller TE 92
  • Eurotanks type DF953 with controller IDF 95L
  • Eurotanks type SCO with controller WinCool
  • Frigomilk type 1 i 4 with controller FIPO 2
  • Frigomilk type 1 i 4 with controller FIPO 3
  • Gala Kool
  • Japy Westfalia CV/CVS
  • Krosno type SM1, SM2 SM3
  • Krosno type SM-4, SM-6, SM-8, SM-10, SM-12, with controller RD9
  • Krosno type SM5, SM6, SM8, SM10, SM12, SMO16, SMO20, SW10, SW12, SM16, SM20 with controller SACH-12M
  • Margo type OM with controller SACH-12
  • Mueller model O i P bulk type english version
  • Mueller Meko type FS-300, FS-430, FS-550, FS800, FS-1000
  • Serap First
  • Win Master
  • Win Master Mobile Com
  • Wedholms type DFOV


Instructions to Washing Control Units:

  • Excellent CL1
  • Excellent 6
  • Exellent 6/12
  • Excellent 12
  • Excellent 16
  • Lely Nautilus english version
  • Lely Nautilus 2 english version
  • Margo niebieski
  • Mecotronic Control V3
  • T10
  • T100
  • UMS-02
  • Win Master


Instruction Manuals For Thermostats

  • AHT201
  • ES-10
  • G-31
  • MC-20
  • MC-20H
  • MCC03
  • MCC06
  • MCTC 10
  • Milktronic
  • MRT-S
  • MRT-5/CW
  • NA-20
  • RD9
  • RL5
  • RL10
  • SACH-12
  • SACH-12M
  • SACH-P12Z
  • SMT-01, SMT-02, SMT-03s10
  • SMT-04
  • SMT-05
  • STC 8080H
  • TE92
  • TSM


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