Standing heat exchanger 160-600l type blue

standing heat exchangerStanding heat exchanger with one coil mounted aside made of stainless steel grade 304. Exchanger’s coil is made of annealed seamless stainless steel grade 304 of increased pressure resistance up to 160 bars. Recuperator is equipped with: 3 adjustable legs for capacities of 160 – 320 litres and 4 adjustable legs for capacities of 400 – 600 litres. Heat exchanger is insulated with polyethylene foam 25 – 50 mm thick and covered with atrificial leather – skai. Available colours of the cover.

colours of the cover
Each heat exchanger is equipped with analogue thermometer.


  • non return safety valve
  • slot for the heater 1 ½”
  • electric heater made of stainless steel including thermostat
  • drain hole
  • coil of a larger diameter
  • heat exchanger made of stainless steel grade 316

This type of heat exchanger is available in capacities ranging 160 – 600 liters.


product card in pdf  Heat recovery 160 – 600L TYPE BLUE – Product Card